At Minoryx, we are committed to finding innovative treatments for life threatening rare diseases.


Marc Martinell, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Minoryx is a clinical stage biotech company leading the development of new therapies for X-ALD and other Inborn Errors of Metabolism, a group of rare diseases of genetic origin with a high unmet medical need. The company’s leading program, a differentiated PPAR gamma agonist (MIN-102) that has multiple CNS indications, has successfully completed a phase 1 clinical trial and is ready to move into a phase 2/3 study with adult AMN patients. Minoryx harnesses its unique mechanism of action for potential use in X-ALD, a genetic disease characterized by progressive neurological deterioration with no available pharmacological treatment.

Minoryx is also working on a new class of compounds; non-competitive pharmacological chaperones, identified through its innovative proprietary platform – SEE-Tx.

All our activities are performed under an ethical code which is driven by the following values:


One of the biggest assets of the company is our team, a group of professionals fully committed to the task of delivering new treatments for rare diseases.

Social responsibility:

Minoryx and their employees are absolutely dedicated to relieving people’s suffering from rare diseases, especially children and their families.

Innovation & Dynamism:

We innovate by exploiting state of the art technologies. We form synergistic partnerships for drug discovery and provide them with an environment which fosters creativity and open-mindedness.

Added Value:

We strive to provide life-changing treatments for diseases with highly unmet medical needs.